Abolition of interest - a trip worth embarking on

Though we all perceive the immediate good side of money, it is inherent to our present system not to perceive that...                                                                                         
it is the form how money has been created in the last two centuries what is draining all the work and wealth from the people which produce and provide all other kinds of goods and services, to the ones who just handle papers and most of all electronic accounting entries.

Never before in history so few people were able to create so many billions in a lifetime out of … what? some rather incomprehensible ideas, and most importantly, out of OUR BELIEF that the new clothes of the monetary system make sense.

So, Zeitgeist ist a must-see movie.

Full argumentation for what I said above is found in the books by Margrit Kennedy and Bernard Lietaer (former director of the Belgian Central Bank).

from this blog out, it is easy to find critical information in youtube in many languages explaining the link between the very specific form how money has been created in the last two centuries and the degradation both of social relations and the environment.

“Fasten your seat belt, Dorothy…”